Monday, January 11, 2016

South Africa - January, 2016

 We had a a guide assigned to us who would sit patiently in our truck and wait for us to take the perfect shot of each animal. Ally (the only female guide and the one who was our ranger) was us detail regarding the habits and habitats of the animals located on our safari, The leopard above posed nicely for this shot,
As soon as this elephant started to move toward our vehicle, our driver backed up and went on to find another animal. We were able to move in quite close to many of the animals but rhinos and elephants were off limits!

As there has been a drought in parts of South Africa and particularly in and near the Kruger National Park, the shrubs and trees are not as lush and vibrant in color. 
This giraffe gave us many poses from which to choose. The animals were not spooked by the vehicles. They gave us plenty of opportunity to take a variety of photos from different angles,


  1. Wow you got some great shots!!! They are so beautiful. It looks like the safari turned out really well.

  2. Beautiful! What a wonderful thing to experience!

  3. How exciting is this. Must have been awesome to see. Great shots Claudia.

  4. Looks like an amazing experience. I guess you will be travelling home about now. Will pray for your safety.